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Scarcity builders help you sell physical products, email optins and digital products. Period.

The goal of EVERY website owner should be to increase customer engagement and acquisition. One of the best ways I know how to do this is by using a scarcity strategy. Basically, the idea is to place in the mind of your website visitor that if they don’t take action, now they will miss out on the BIG benefit. Be that a discount, free offer or whatever.

Scarcity builders are one of the best ways I know how to create urgency to get site visitors to take action.

Scarcity strategies work great on squeeze pages, sales pages, product review pages or pretty much any webpage where you want to instil a sense of urgency to get people to take a specific action.

And if having more customers and more sales is your goal you will definitely want to download the Click Bar plugin.

Watch this video where plugin developer Brett Rutecky demonstrates how Click Bar accomplishes building scarcity into any webpage you choose.

Click Bar – scarcity building WP Plugin.



Whatever you are promoting will get more engagement if you add a scarcity element. There are several plugins out there that offer a count down timer and I have tested many of them however I found many didn’t suite my needs or did not function propery. So when I found Click Bar I naturally gave it a try and it worked as described.

Click Bar is a great plugin and I was fortunate enough to get give away rights from the developer.

As my gift to you, you can download and use Click Bar 100% free on your wordpress website.

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The easiest way to add scarcity count down timers to your squeeze pages, sales pages and product sales.

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