Viral Blog Software [Review]

Everyone wants their blog to go viral. It’s the online dream kind of like winning the lottery in cyberspace. However, is this just dream… or could it be your reality?

Read my review of the Buzzinar WP plugin (also comes with HTML version) and decide for yourself.

This may be your first visit to my site and I want to be upfront and transparent with you. I am not like all those other marketers out there trying to push product after product on you without even testing it or using in their business. If I think a product is worth you considering I will say so and if I think it is crap… I will say that too. So now that we are clear, lets dive in.

This is my review of the Buzzinar WordPress plugin designed by Omar Martin.

Basically, the plugin is designed for the purpose of growing your list and increasing sales by creating a viral traffic system .

The plugin produces what is called a viral “Share Gate” for your lead funnel. The gate causes your prospect to share the funnel with their friends in order to unlock the next step which is a to receive a specific reward for taking action. Now this viral share concept isn’t new and there are other plugins out there that use a similar idea to help promote viral content. What is different about the Buzzinar plugin is it is more than just a “like to reveal content” type plugin. While you can set it up to do this, it was designed to share and promote your sales funnel.

While Omar includes in the members area some great training on how to set up and use the plugin in a sales funnel which I really felt was a nice add on. A simple example of how the plugin works is to set up your Buzzinar page between your lead capture page and your sales page.  So when your site visitor opts in to get your free download, they are redirected to the inviter page where you offer them another “cool” valuable free gift if they click on one of the share buttons. What I really like about the share option is you get to chose what page or URL is shared creating the viral effect. Ideally, you would want your lead capture page to be shared.

 Share or share not, what happens?

This is probably your next question and how Buzzinar handles this is pretty cool. So if a visitor decides to click the share button to help your page go viral they are redirected to a URL of your choosing be it your sales page, an affiliate offer or a monetised download page. If your visitor decides to pass on the share, guess what, you have the same control to redirect them to a URL of your choosing.

Watch this demo video of Omar explaining how the plugin works.

Here is an example of the viral share gate (Yes, if you click the required buttons you will share my blog and get a cool bonus in return!)

Just to be clear this is not a viral sales funnel, I just wanted you to see how this software works.

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Share From the Options Below.
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Your free Gift is coming your way!!

What I didn’t like about the Buzzinar WP plugin

I would have like to have seen the plugin have is a more refined “share to reveal content” system where the inviter is placed inline with the content instead of having to redirect the user. While you can still use the plugin for this purpose, it was designed primarily to be used with a sales funnel which other share content type plugins are not.

Overall, what do I think?

While I just started using the plugin, I feel it is a great tool to give the viral effect to any sales funnel, blog post, video or website. In addition, the bonus training, developer license and a Buzzinar HTML version  that Omar provides is worth the investment, especially if you are new to the game or want to increase traffic and engagement to take your business to the next level.



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