Fanpage List Building Machine Set Up

How to Set Up Your Fanpage List Building Machine

Have you ever wondered how some of those fanpages step up those cool lead capture pages right in Facebook?

If you are not sure what I am talking about here is a sample:

fangage lead capture page


Now you too can have your vary own lead capture machine right on facebook. To read the rest of this post and get started building your lead capture machine you will need to unlock the rest of the hidden content.

If you don’t have a fanpage and are not sure how to set one up, you can learn how to do this here

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For years, marketers used the “FBML” application to capture leads, build mailing lists and funnel fan page visitors into their marketing funnel. However, since Facebook announced that the FBML application would be phased out, developers began to create iFrame based applications you can use to easily set up a lead capture machine right on your fan page.


With iFrames, you will be able to create HTML pages that feature your opt-in box, giveaway or incentives!


Here’s how to set up your fan “subscribe” gate to capture leads:


Before you start, you must be logged into your Facebook account.


First step: Add the Static HTML Application To Your Fan page
Visit: and click on “Install Page Tab” as shown below.



new fan page tab



Next, click on the “Facebook Pages” tab to select the Facebook page you want to add a new iframe tab too.



add static iframe page tab



You’ve now added the HTML iFrame application to your Fan page. It will first show up under the “More” tab labelled as “Welcome”. If you area wondering if we can change the name and position of the  tab to make it more noticeable enticing, the answer is yes. Now it’s time to set up your new “subscribe tab” so that those visiting your page must subscribe to your list before gaining access to your free awesome content, giveaway or offer.



fan page welcome tab



Start by visiting your Fan page and click on the “Welcome” link under the “More” tab. You will be taken to your new iframe page. Next, click on the “Settings” link. This will take you to the Woobox admin panel where you can set up your page details.



fangate settings



In the Woobox admin panel you want to click on the “Edit” menu. Here you will have several option.

  • Turn mobile access on/off. This is a paid option.
  • Page Source: this is where you can display an existing lead capture page directly in your new page tab, “redirect” your visitor to a lead capture page of your choice, upload an image that links to a lead capture page or add your own lead capture HTML. The page source option is all you need to set up your lead capture fan page.
  • Fangate Settings: this option requires your visitors to join your mail list before they are allowed access to your content, giveaway or offer. While this is where you can also set up the option to have visitors “like” your fan page before they can see your content, it is against Facebook policy so I do not recommend using this option or you risk losing your Facebook account.
  • Form-Gate: this is a paid option and allows you to enter a lead capture form. You don’t need this option as you can accomplish the same thing using the “Page Source” option.


Here is an example of a simple a lead capture webpage using the “Page Source” option.



fangate lead capture page



Next, go to the “Tab Setting” menu. This is where you can change the name of your new tab. You will want to name the tab something that will attract interest and get visitors to click through. For example: “Get This Deal”. You will be able to relocate the the position of the tab in a later step.


The “Share Setting” menu allows you to set up a custom share. You can add your own image and message to attract even more leads when your visitors share your new page. See below.



custom share tab



The next few menu options are:

  • The Stats menu where you can track how many visitors have come to your page.
  • Admin only mode where your page can control if your page is viewable by the public or just the admin.
  • Add another HTML fangate.
  • Remove Application where you will completely remove the fangate application and your content.


To relocate your fan gate tab go to your main fan page and click on the “More” tab. At the bottom of the drop menu you will notice the “Manage tabs” option. Click on this. You can then “drag and drop” your new tab to a new position so it shows up as a main menu tab.


Final Tips

If you needed to edit any images and you don’t have Photoshop you can access the following for free:


Gimp –
Krita –
Paint –
Pixlr –


You also want to make sure to include a call to action in your images/pages so that people are directed as to what their next step should be. For example,  a “Click Here To Get Started” link in an image.


If you are interested in a different type of content, such as a video, you would simply embed the video code into the “html”  box. One of the easiest ways to do this is to upload your video to YouTube and then copy and paste the generated code into your HTML text box. Note that Facebook does not allow auto-playing media, so you will want to create your video so that visitors have to manually press “play” for the video to start.


You can also choose to include other pages from your website or blog in your fan gate.


Think of the different ways that you can include Facebook Fan Pages in your advertising campaigns, and get started!


It’s time for you to create your very own Fan Page!

Best of success!


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how to create a fan page


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