Viral Blog Software [Review]

Everyone wants their blog to go viral. It’s the online dream kind of like winning the lottery in cyberspace. However, is this just dream… or could it be your reality?

Read my review of the Buzzinar WP plugin (also comes with HTML version) and decide for yourself.

This may be your first visit to my site and I want to be upfront and transparent with you. I am not like all those other marketers out there trying to push product after product on you without even testing it or using in their business. If I think a product is worth you considering I will say so and if I think it is crap… I will say that too. So now that we are clear, lets dive in.

This is my review of the Buzzinar WordPress plugin designed by Omar Martin.

Basically, the plugin is designed for the purpose of growing your list and increasing sales by creating a viral traffic system .

The plugin produces what is called a viral “Share Gate” for your lead funnel. The gate causes your prospect to share the funnel with their friends in order to unlock the next step which is a to receive a specific reward for taking action. Now this viral share concept isn’t new and there are other plugins out there that use a similar idea to help promote viral content. What is different about the Buzzinar plugin is it is more than just a “like to reveal content” type plugin. While you can set it up to do this, it was designed to share and promote your sales funnel.

While Omar includes in the members area some great training on how to set up and use the plugin in a sales funnel which I really felt was a nice add on. A simple example of how the plugin works is to set up your Buzzinar page between your lead capture page and your sales page.  So when your site visitor opts in to get your free download, they are redirected to the inviter page where you offer them another “cool” valuable free gift if they click on one of the share buttons. What I really like about the share option is you get to chose what page or URL is shared creating the viral effect. Ideally, you would want your lead capture page to be shared.

 Share or share not, what happens?

This is probably your next question and how Buzzinar handles this is pretty cool. So if a visitor decides to click the share button to help your page go viral they are redirected to a URL of your choosing be it your sales page, an affiliate offer or a monetised download page. If your visitor decides to pass on the share, guess what, you have the same control to redirect them to a URL of your choosing.

Watch this demo video of Omar explaining how the plugin works.

Here is an example of the viral share gate (Yes, if you click the required buttons you will share my blog and get a cool bonus in return!)

Just to be clear this is not a viral sales funnel, I just wanted you to see how this software works.

Completed   out of  
Share From the Options Below.
(Make sure there are No Pop up Blockers)
Your free Gift is coming your way!!

What I didn’t like about the Buzzinar WP plugin

I would have like to have seen the plugin have is a more refined “share to reveal content” system where the inviter is placed inline with the content instead of having to redirect the user. While you can still use the plugin for this purpose, it was designed primarily to be used with a sales funnel which other share content type plugins are not.

Overall, what do I think?

While I just started using the plugin, I feel it is a great tool to give the viral effect to any sales funnel, blog post, video or website. In addition, the bonus training, developer license and a Buzzinar HTML version  that Omar provides is worth the investment, especially if you are new to the game or want to increase traffic and engagement to take your business to the next level.



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Click Bar Scarcity Builder WP Plugin [Free Download]


Scarcity builders help you sell physical products, email optins and digital products. Period.

The goal of EVERY website owner should be to increase customer engagement and acquisition. One of the best ways I know how to do this is by using a scarcity strategy. Basically, the idea is to place in the mind of your website visitor that if they don’t take action, now they will miss out on the BIG benefit. Be that a discount, free offer or whatever.

Scarcity builders are one of the best ways I know how to create urgency to get site visitors to take action.


Get More Twitter Traffic

aTeBzLyAcTwitter Traffic Profits

It’s likely that you’ve heard of Twitter, and perhaps you’ve even tried to become an active member of this incredibly popular information network.

With Twitter, people within the community post what are referred to as “tweets”.

Tweets are short messages and updates that people send out to everyone who chooses to follow them. Each time a tweet is submitted, it shows up on the public timeline, and is pushed down as other, new tweets are circulated throughout the network.

And while Twitter requires consistent activity in order to really take full advantage of its incredible resources, you can begin building a targeted list in little time, while generating a massive “following” of those who are interested in receiving your updates.

Within the twitter community, people who choose to add you as a contact are referred to as “followers”, and similar to a mailing list, each follower can be considered a “lead”.

This is yet another way that growing a twitter following is similar to building an effective mailing list. (more…)

Website Traffic Generators

get website traffic

Introduction To Website Traffic Generators

The lifeblood of any online business is in being able to generate highly targeted, consistent traffic to your websites, landing pages and squeeze pages.

Without traffic, you will struggle to build a customer base, generate revenue or even build an online brand of your own.

You’ve probably tried to generate traffic with a number of different strategies, and perhaps you found it all too confusing or time consuming as many do.

This training was written so that you are able to follow a step by step action plan, that will help you instantly flood your website with an unlimited amount of highly targeted traffic quickly and easily, regardless of your niche or industry. There are literally hundreds of different ways of driving in targeted traffic to your website,  and this report focuses on the easiest and most effective methods. Best of all, most are 100% free or a very low cost!

So without further delay, let’s get started.  (more…)

Turning Viral Traffic into Cash

Making money from viral traffic is a bit different than making money from any other kind of traffic. People who land on your website generally come there for a specific piece of content, because a friend of theirs shared it. They often don’t know who you are or what your site is about.

As a result, most people find that the bounce rate on viral traffic is much higher and their conversion rates much lower. That said, there are still many ways to make money from viral traffic.

Get People on a List

It’s quite hard to get viral traffic to convert on a sale right away. Instead, a much more effective tactic is to get them on an email list and continually send them content they’re interested in with an occasional marketing message. (more…)

Viral Video Creation Under $200

How to Create Viral Videos for Under $200

One common misconception of creating viral videos is that it needs to be expensive. In reality, your whole project can be launched for under $200. Justin Bieber, the teen pop star, started his claim to fame from his bedroom with an inexpensive camera. Today most of his videos have tens of millions of views.

So how do you create viral videos for under $200?

The Video Camera

Today, for as little as $100, you can get a high definition camera that shoots decent video. It’s not professional grade, but if your actual content is good, many web visitors will be willing to overlook that.

Take a trip to Best Buy or Costco, or check out price comparison sites online.

Also don’t forget that many smartphones today have cameras that are more than sufficient to record high quality video. For example, HTC One 4 megapixel video camera can produce videos that are definitely good enough for online viewing.

Shooting the Video (more…)

Fanpage List Building Machine Set Up

How to Set Up Your Fanpage List Building Machine

Have you ever wondered how some of those fanpages step up those cool lead capture pages right in Facebook?

If you are not sure what I am talking about here is a sample:

fangage lead capture page


Now you too can have your vary own lead capture machine right on facebook. To read the rest of this post and get started building your lead capture machine you will need to unlock the rest of the hidden content.

If you don’t have a fanpage and are not sure how to set one up, you can learn how to do this here

Share some love and unlock the rest of the training!


For years, marketers used the “FBML” application to capture leads, build mailing lists and funnel fan page visitors into their marketing funnel. However, since Facebook announced that the FBML application would be phased out, developers began to create iFrame based applications you can use to easily set up a lead capture machine right on your fan page.


With iFrames, you will be able to create HTML pages that feature your opt-in box, giveaway or incentives!


Here’s how to set up your fan “subscribe” gate to capture leads:


Before you start, you must be logged into your Facebook account.


First step: Add the Static HTML Application To Your Fan page
Visit: and click on “Install Page Tab” as shown below.



new fan page tab



Next, click on the “Facebook Pages” tab to select the Facebook page you want to add a new iframe tab too.



add static iframe page tab



You’ve now added the HTML iFrame application to your Fan page. It will first show up under the “More” tab labelled as “Welcome”. If you area wondering if we can change the name and position of the  tab to make it more noticeable enticing, the answer is yes. Now it’s time to set up your new “subscribe tab” so that those visiting your page must subscribe to your list before gaining access to your free awesome content, giveaway or offer.



fan page welcome tab



Start by visiting your Fan page and click on the “Welcome” link under the “More” tab. You will be taken to your new iframe page. Next, click on the “Settings” link. This will take you to the Woobox admin panel where you can set up your page details.



fangate settings



In the Woobox admin panel you want to click on the “Edit” menu. Here you will have several option.

  • Turn mobile access on/off. This is a paid option.
  • Page Source: this is where you can display an existing lead capture page directly in your new page tab, “redirect” your visitor to a lead capture page of your choice, upload an image that links to a lead capture page or add your own lead capture HTML. The page source option is all you need to set up your lead capture fan page.
  • Fangate Settings: this option requires your visitors to join your mail list before they are allowed access to your content, giveaway or offer. While this is where you can also set up the option to have visitors “like” your fan page before they can see your content, it is against Facebook policy so I do not recommend using this option or you risk losing your Facebook account.
  • Form-Gate: this is a paid option and allows you to enter a lead capture form. You don’t need this option as you can accomplish the same thing using the “Page Source” option.


Here is an example of a simple a lead capture webpage using the “Page Source” option.



fangate lead capture page



Next, go to the “Tab Setting” menu. This is where you can change the name of your new tab. You will want to name the tab something that will attract interest and get visitors to click through. For example: “Get This Deal”. You will be able to relocate the the position of the tab in a later step.


The “Share Setting” menu allows you to set up a custom share. You can add your own image and message to attract even more leads when your visitors share your new page. See below.



custom share tab



The next few menu options are:

  • The Stats menu where you can track how many visitors have come to your page.
  • Admin only mode where your page can control if your page is viewable by the public or just the admin.
  • Add another HTML fangate.
  • Remove Application where you will completely remove the fangate application and your content.


To relocate your fan gate tab go to your main fan page and click on the “More” tab. At the bottom of the drop menu you will notice the “Manage tabs” option. Click on this. You can then “drag and drop” your new tab to a new position so it shows up as a main menu tab.


Final Tips

If you needed to edit any images and you don’t have Photoshop you can access the following for free:


Gimp –
Krita –
Paint –
Pixlr –


You also want to make sure to include a call to action in your images/pages so that people are directed as to what their next step should be. For example,  a “Click Here To Get Started” link in an image.


If you are interested in a different type of content, such as a video, you would simply embed the video code into the “html”  box. One of the easiest ways to do this is to upload your video to YouTube and then copy and paste the generated code into your HTML text box. Note that Facebook does not allow auto-playing media, so you will want to create your video so that visitors have to manually press “play” for the video to start.


You can also choose to include other pages from your website or blog in your fan gate.


Think of the different ways that you can include Facebook Fan Pages in your advertising campaigns, and get started!


It’s time for you to create your very own Fan Page!

Best of success!


Pinterest Profile Creation the Right way

xTgKRdoqcHere are 9 tips to creating a rockstar worthy Pinterest profile.

Leave no stone unturned when you create your business profile for Pinterest. Treat it very business-like and focused on your audience. Remember: even when you are telling your business story, ultimately everything is about your customer, not you.

  1. Business Profile Name – You may want to choose your actual business name, or you might want to use a keyword profile name. It’s up to you and depends on how you intend to use the account. If you do use your business name, you can include keyword descriptors in the description of the business.
  2. A Thorough Description of Your Business – Using keywords that your audience might look up, describe your business and how you plan to use Pinterest in the business. Let your audience know why they might want to follow your boards and get to know you better.
  3. A Good Profile Picture – For your business account your profile picture can be your logo or a picture of you. It depends on what type of business you have. If it’s a freelance business, a picture of you is a good idea. If there are more people part of the business, using your logo is a good idea.
  4. Website Information – Don’t forget to include your URL and information about what they’ll find on your website if they visit it. 
  5. Social Account Information – Integrate other social media into your account by providing the URLs of them on your profile.
  6. Descriptive Board Names – Start five to six different boards with descriptive keyword-rich names that your audience will understand and potentially search for.
  7. Keyword-Rich Description for Boards – Don’t forget to always fill out the description of each different pinboard so that it will help your audience find them.
  8. Select Appropriate Board Cover Photos – Remember to select the right cover photo for your boards. Resize it as instructed so that it shows the whole picture without clicking on it. 
  9. Organize Your Boards – Remember that people look at any account at the top boards, so put your most important boards at the top. You might even want to rearrange them occasionally in order to be sure all your boards are seen.


Boost Your LinkedIn Profile With Keywords

linkedinLike most social media and online, it’s important to use keywords to improve the chances of search engines sending targeted visitors to your online real estate. However, it’s also important not to use too many keywords so that your profile isn’t readable to humans. You need to understand how to use keywords to attract users, but also to ensure that your profile is still interesting to read to those who find you.

Note: In the descriptions below, some profile areas are in a different order on LinkedIn so be aware of the name of the profile area being discussed.

Keywords on Images

When you upload your image, be sure to name it something that makes sense to a search engine. “My profile pic” is not a good descriptor. Instead, use your name, the name of your business, or what you do in the name of the image. Search engines can read the name of the image and it will be another indicator that this is a profile the searcher wants to see.

Keywords in Headlines (more…)

LinkedIn Connections – Who to Connect With?

linkedin-256pxNetworking on social media is a little different from networking in person. Typically in person someone introduces you to the connection, which gives you some credibility. On social media it’s not uncommon to connect with complete strangers. There is nothing really wrong with that, but make sure that you give a lot of thought and consideration to your goals as you connect with people.

Quality over Quantity

Don’t just connect willy-nilly with everyone who asks. Check out their profile; determine what the potential benefits are to you before agreeing to connect with them. Even on LinkedIn there will be people who just want to connect with you for scamming purposes. Read as much as you can about the person, check out their connections, and agree only if you can see some good benefit to it. Turning down people is an important part of building quality connections.

Connect with People You Know 

The first people to connect with are those that you know, like and trust. These are the people who can help introduce you to people that you need to connect to. If you’ve worked with them before, or truly know their ethics – all the better. These are the people that you can align yourself with to ensure that people know that you are also trustworthy and knowledgeable. You are often known in real life and online by the people you associate yourself with. (more…)

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